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Energy Treatments

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Energy Treatments

Energy healing has been practiced since the dawn of time. They allow with the help of his only hands to remove the negative energies and to re-harmonize the energy circuits of a person.

After having studied different techniques, I now use my own protocol which I personalize according to each patient.

During a session, the practitioner begins by evacuating the negative energies of the recipient. It feels and erases disturbing emotional memories, removes energy blockages to then harmonize the chakras and then replace negative energies with positive ones.

The free flow of energy is then restored, the body can then benefit to the best of its resources and its natural system of self-healing. The positive effects are usually achieved both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Namely: the disease is part of the energy before materializing in the physical body. By rebalancing the energy circulation, it is possible to prevent the occurrence of both physical and psychological illnesses. Energy healing is an excellent disease prevention tool.


Energy treatments are part of the large family of natural treatments which are “MAC” as the Anglo-Saxons call them, that is to say that they are “alternative and complementary medicines”. This means that they are complementary to conventional allopathic or alternative medicine when the latter no longer has a solution to offer.

This is how energy care is complementary to conventional medicine in the event of illnesses or pathologies of any kind.

But beware, "complementary" does not mean of little interest. Because in all these situations the energy treatments bring notable improvements that it would be a shame to neglect.

Indeed, energy healing can help relieve many ailments.

On the psychological level, energy treatments will have a remarkable effect on states of ill-being, anxieties, insomnia, shocks, stress… They will also improve depressive states and phobias.

Energy care also induces the solution of psychological conflicts. This allows people to resume the path of their evolution and to transform themselves. They finally become themselves and begin to live in complete harmony with their deepest aspirations.


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