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Welcome Beautiful Soul!

I think we can all benefit from a better life.

However, not everyone yet has access to the information needed to make certain changes in their lives. My ability to tap into energy systems and analyze important details of past, present, and future events allows me to impart useful information to make life-changing changes.

Check out my site below and find out how I can help enhance your life.

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LÉ-LÀ Personalized Service

A New World Awaits

Since 2010, I offer  a wide range of services that meet your needs. All my experiences, learnings and meetings have been alchemized over the years to  to give  birth at  my unique energy healing technique:

LÉ-LÀ Care (a nod to my Reunion Island origins), which means Let-Be-Let-Go.

I hear, I see, I feel what many prefer to ignore...   

These skills  allow me to help you  to find your solution!  

You can count on me to always receive information  useful and relevant that you can trust.

Contact me now and discover my services.

My Lé-Là energy treatment is a combined set of Quantum and Vibratory Magnetism, Vibratory Numerology, Uterus Care, the PEACE method, etc...
Would you like more information about my services?

Contact me today for an initial consultation.


LÉ-LÀ Energy Treatment Session

These sessions make you dive into the depths of your experience to help you overcome the hardships you are going through. Now you can improve your life path. Don't get back to chance and get the answers you were looking for about your life,  your relationships,  your health and much more.
Contact me now to make your appointment for LÉ-LÀ Energy Treatment (harmonization of the chakras by Quantum and Vibratory Magnetism)

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“Peace Comes From Within. Don't Look For It Outside »


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Customer testimonials

I want to provide excellent service to each of my clients, in order to obtain the best results. If you are curious to discover their comments, I invite you to take a look at the testimonials below.
My clients trust me and enjoy working with me.
Contact me and join the list of my satisfied customers.


Sittal Z.

"  I really recommend Murielle because the care is done with a lot of love!!!! I felt internal healing happening, bones was just magical! 
Don't wait try a treatment with her   »

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About me

I believe in the existence of an Intelligence present in us and all around us, in the spirits of Nature, in the Angels and that we are guided by this invisible universe.

In my eyes, everyone has the power to improve their life: so why not learn to master your energy?

  Since 2010, I have used my divine intuition to provide my clients with personalized guidance services.

I'd be happy to do that for you too.

Contact me today and let's see what you need!


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Bienvenue sur ma chaîne YouTube !

Bienvenue sur ma chaîne YouTube !

Bienvenue sur ma chaîne YouTube !
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Mes Affirmations de l'Avent

Mes Affirmations de l'Avent

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J'ai demandé à La Lune _ la reDécouverte de mes L'une.S

J'ai demandé à La Lune _ la reDécouverte de mes L'une.S

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Ma diffusion en direct

Ma diffusion en direct

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Défi  5 Jours pour ... Me Reconnecter à Mon Intuition (2)

Défi 5 Jours pour ... Me Reconnecter à Mon Intuition (2)

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Contact me

06 92 421 422

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Reunion Island

Thank you for what you sent !

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